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The Ruling Coalition Is On Its Way to Extinction

20 Oct 2005 - 00:00
The major partners in the ruling coalition - the National Liberal Party and the Democrat Party - came together for one reason only: to defeat the Social Democrat Party at the polls.
But they were left to manage afterwards an otherwise unnatural alliance. All facts since the Alliance took office point to one outcome: the Alliance will cease to exist.

First of all, it was not born to live, but for electoral reasons alone; since one party stood tot the right of the political spectrum, and the other to the left. But more importantly, the Alliance was born because the two left leaning parties could not come together in a social-democrat alliance or party, since both their leaders - Traian Basescu and Adrian Nastase, respectively - had over inflated egos.

That the DP forged ahead into a complete makeover, professing now Popular Party allegiance, is only a consequence of Basescu’s ego, who wanted to make sure he burned all bridges behind him, and no rapprochement between his party and the one of Nastase’s will be possible in the future.
The events leading the two party leaders and co-inhabitants of the same condominium to part ways go back to 2000-2001, but they continue to shape the political life today, which displays the oddity of one social-democrat party in the opposition, while another one, revamped as a popular party and allied with a liberal one, rules.

To go back now to the chances of the ruling coalition to survive, my contention is it would not. In fact the then two leaders, Basescu for the DP and Teodor Stolojan for the NLP, pressed all their followers into this alliance, but neither of them is at the helm of their respective parties anymore sBasescu was elected President of Romania, and Stolojan became one of his political advisorst.
In their absence, the Alliance is moving towards extinction, the political cooperation falling apart in the executive and legislative branches of government. Still, the Alliance will still be around enough to annoy the SDP. The latter envisaged even supporting a minority government led by the NLP.

By the time the next elections will come, both major players in the ruling coalition will be at war. Until then the NLP and DP Alliance works best for countering each other’s moves.

Translated by ANCA PADURARU
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